Hanmiyau Sweet pieces from the eternal puzzle of Ghost, who invite you to take your own trip to the sounds of Snuffbox Immanence. supported by 13 fans who also own “[GHOST BOX] Radio Dark Ambient Compilation Vol. Kolokol 3. World renown for their rhythmic communication with international sensation Snarky Puppy, this dynamic duo expands their rhythmical voice into percussive melodies, through innovative grooves and captivating artistry. Houseghost by houseghost, released 23 October 2020 1. - 'Isolation Songs' including bonus track "Liar". Yellow Wallpaper Our Last Moments Together 3. Oh Languish Arts 10. Box Of Birds Box of Birds is a melodic, lyrical, and heartfelt folk/rock/punk band. Kaiju 5. First song 'Butcher Boy' tells the story of a butcher who practises his craft on customers he doesn’t like. Denmark. Albert Ayler Tenor saxophonist Albert Ayler, one of the most controversial and polarizing musicians in the history of jazz, pioneered a new style of playing and became an icon of "free jazz." Hazel 10. Geotic, aka Will Wiesenfeld, uses just his angelic vocals on the 2nd in his series of single-source, ambient releases. Worshiper (Origami 3) 9. Volume 1 - Transmission One: Lonesome Vale 2. Bandcamp Album of the Day Apr 7, 2017. go to album. This album rediscovers that, along with the unseen and unknowable menace lurking in the background. Ripped in Two 6. Iboga Records. Book of Shadows 2. Winter Light 8. Drift 3. No Man's Land 5. Ghost Box Orchestra - Oh, The Moon Hangs Low from Boston Not LA by I Heart Noise / Digital Track. MMV - MMXX by Ghost Brigade, released 04 December 2020 4-CD jewel box including a 16-page booklet with all lyrics. Echo Mecca) 2. Trembol Back in 2016 the band was between album releases and eager for creation. Hidden Fauna 10. Thus, while Ghost Box is not a truly avant-garde release, it is weird, interesting, and strangely compelling. Beatspace has an official agreement with the label to sell Iboga Records music catalogue. Spirit Box by Tom Slatter, released 14 November 2018 1. The music on Beautify Junkyards’ third album offers instant gratification too, as the Lisbon collective strike up a woozy amalgam of esoteric English psych-folk and Brazilian tropicalia. Pulsing 4. Deep Inside Your Heart of Hearts 11. Follow to get notified of new releases. Buy music from Ghost Box in MP3, Vinyl and CD. Ghost notes is a collection of 13 BoomBox songs stripped down to their essence. In a Box 9. Darling 3. The Ghost 2020 Wooden Box Edition from Eye Of Solitude, $45.00 USD. Dag Rosenqvist - And we let go because we must 2. Glifberg Rune 4. Radio Ghost 4. Black Mill Tapes (10th Anniversary Box) by Pye Corner Audio, releases 18 December 2020 1. Sunset Mountain (Eon Isle) by Geotic. Volume 1 - Electronic Rhythm Number Eight 8. Official Ghost Box shop. Moon Chamber 4. The Tower 7. Tenth Region Of The Night 8. SEQUENCE8 by Various, released 20 August 2014 1. - 'Until Fear No Longer Defines Us' with bonus tracks "In The Woods" (Jonny Wanha Remix) and "Soulcarvers" (Acoustic). TGCR X Darko - The Duchman's Defiance Part I 3. His remix credits include the likes of Architect and Blue Foundation. Across The Prairies 8. Exit Through the Skylight 8. Ghost In The Speaker Box 5. Ashes 3. 'Ashes' is about a man who, having murdered his wife, decides he isn’t happy with the urn full of ashes he got in return. Cloud Cover 7. FINISHED PRODUCT MAY VARY! The Order Of Abhorrence 3. Let The Earth Be Silent 5. Boston, Massachusetts. Soul Swamp 7. Outre Hollow Earth, released 26 October 2018 1. Jungblood 7. Katrina's Rain (feat. Soma 4. Siavash Amini - The Rivers Stood Still 3. strië - Aurorae 4. Snuffbox Immanence 6. Daggma 5. Obiit 1961 7. Beautify Junkyards The group blends a love of English Acid Folk and Brazilian Tropicalia in beautiful songs that conjure up a warm and verdant faerie world. Volume 1 - Electronic Rhythm Number Three 5. Weaver (Edit) 5. Fukeiga 9. The band consists of lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and miscellaneous instrumentalist, Steph Durwin, and lead guitarist and background vocalist, Charlie Gargano. Youthful Curiosity (feat. Ray 5. Ghost Box by Sophia Loizou, released 20 August 2014 Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Live With Me 3. Mission 6. The Invisible World of Beautify Junkyards, released 09 March 2018 1. Two of his releases are available on Oakland, CA. Streaming + Download . Quantum 2. And the Voices Sang Spirit Box is an EP of murder ballads. I Swear I Could See It Then 4. Volume 1 - We Have Visitors 3. Maritimes Square 9. Houseghost 8. No Fun Summer 4. Zozo 7. Snuffbox Immanence by Ghost, released 29 March 1999 1. Rigel IV 6. Plone create unironically joyful and melodic electronica; informed by library music, music for children’s TV and a deep passion for the history of music technology. Aberrations 7. Delicate acoustic guitars evocative of both autumnal England and Iberian heat are layered with other-worldly voices and haunted electronics. Furthermore, it is one of those rare releases for which I can honestly say that I’ve never heard anything quite like it before. Ghost Chief ~ Members ~ Ted MacDonald Steve Capachione Dan Smith Sam Beane Paint Leaves, released 05 March 2019 1. Haunted Hearts, released 27 February 2016 1. Inspired by spooky vintage electronics of the 1970s, the label soon found itself Isomer 6. Tempera Tune 8. Ghost Cave featuring Ana Balka - The Holly + The Ivy 2. Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp. Ghost-Note Grammy Award winning artists Robert "Sput" Searight and Nate Werth take drums and percussion out of the shadows and into the spotlight with their new project, Ghost-Note. ToiToiToi is the work of Sebastian Counts, a well-respected Berlin based conceptual artist. Cathedral keyboards and fuzzed­-out guitars levitate above pounding, tribal poly­ rhythms while sparsely placed vocals echo in the dense sonic landscapes. If you think you're ready, you will see your reflection in the clear and … Bones 6. Skeleton 8. Discover the Finn's full discography with the following albums: - 'Guided By Fire'. Dissident 2. This much loved band formed in the 90s have reconvened as a duo, Billy Bainbridge and Mike Johnston, finding their natural element in Ghost Box Records. "The Holly + The … ALL ORDERS ARE BEING SHIPPED ON OR AROUND NOVEMBER 1ST 2020!!! Butcher Boy 2. Spheres Within 2. Carefully coaxed and sculpted from electronic, acoustic and sampled sources, his inventive, detailed electronica is witty and evocative. Regenesis 2. Smothered Regrets 5. 's famed n5MD imprint. Echo Lake 7. Volume 1 - A Dark Door 6. _____ / The highly acclaimed 2010 album, re-recorded and re-written, with a brand new sound and interpretation in a hand decorated, hand made 14.5x14.5 cm wooden box Bandcamp New & Notable Dec 16, 2014. go to album. Midnight 2. THIS IS A MOCKUP!!!! New EP "Come Out Clean" out now! Hollow Earth Hathead 3. Turn to Dust 13. Fauve 8. Ghost Ship Ritual Ghost Ship Ritual is a heavy Stoner/Blues/Doom group out of Houston, TX. Dissident by GLOK, released 05 July 2019 1. Christmas Spirits by Ghost Cave, released 02 October 2020 1. Ghost Tears GHOST TEARS is a musical project by Leslie Dorcus, recorded in her bedroom on a four track tape recorder. Go Away Ghost… Chicane 4. Hollow Earth is the new album from Pye Corner Audio aka Martin Jenkins, his third for Old Gumbo McGee 3. Widdershins 12. It's Lonely Here 7. August and Whiteface 4. Ghost Radio by Black Flower, released 23 October 2020 1. Hollow Hallway 5. Promise by SUSS, releases 04 December 2020 1. Marceline 6. When not touring, we’re working on new material to take out on the next tour… Ghost Bike Fueled by defiance in the face of loss, Vlad Shusterman’s eclectic and critically acclaimed work as Ghost Bike reflects all the byzantine wonder and violence of his hometown Jerusalem, Israel. Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Sophia Loizou - They decided to go into the studio for two days. A Desperate Haunting 2. TGCR - GHOST IN THE SPEAKER BOX by TGCR, released 20 July 2016 1. Dissident (Leaf Edit) RIDE’s Andy Bell is in for a busy year. Distant Daylight 6. 1: Telephone to the Dead” The original Story by Lovecraft described an era where science and understanding destroyed mystery and beauty. For any questions, infos or issues contact us at : digital@beatspace.com or the label directly There’s also tinges, of kosmische and an underlying hauntological vibe (this is Ghost Box… The playing of both Ayler and his band mates … Volume 1 - Theme Number Four 7. Dust 3. Megalabong 2. Nefarious Tales 5. Ghost Cave featuring Scott Burland - We 3 Kings Two ghostly electronic takes on traditional carols for the Christmas Season. Volume 1 - Folk Festival 4. Ghost Box Orchestra. Founded by Jim Jupp and Julian House, initially as a CDr label, Ghost Box is an independent music venture for artists who find inspiration in library music albums, folklore, vintage electronics, and the school music room. THIS IS A PRE-ORDER!!! Sad Shakers 10. Members: Bill - Guitar/Vox Justin - Guitar Kevin - Bass Guitar Andrew - Drums Tenth Region Of The Night, released 26 September 2020 1. Projected Sounds 6. Follow to get notified of new releases. An acoustic album has been a concept in our minds for years, but it took a special set of circumstances for it to materialize. Combustion 4. Kuiperlapse 2. Home 4.
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