Gott Nytt Bokår 2018

GOTT NYTT BOKÅR önskar Sofi Poulsen Förlag och Marchetti Förlag.
❤Tack för att DU valde våra böcker när du ville ha kvalitetstid med dem som betyder mest. ❤
Här är mitt nyårslöfte till dig:
In brightest day and blackest night,
I will keep my nerd flame bright,
To be the sword in the darkness,
To be like Captain Jack Harkness,
To be the watcher on the wall,
With one ring to rule them all.
I pledge to always do my best,
To respect life, choice, and the rest.
May we all live long and prosper,
May we quadrille like a lobster,
May we all learn to fight and cuss,
May the Force always be with us.
I pledge to keep my heart young,
And never forget to have fun,
I will fight a Death Eater’s curse.
I will always try to shoot first.
I will find a princess to save,
Even when I aim to misbehave.
I pledge to always be myself,
Whether Klingon, Jedi, or Elf.
With dungeon’s key, I’ll open the chest.
With great power… you know the rest.
With great skills, I’ll beat any DC,
But with my Doctor, it’s allons-y.
These things I pledge with all my nerd heart,
I swear my oath to do my part,
To increase awesome, and fight suck,
To fight with bo, sai, or nunchuck,
To always find my dragonball.
This I swear, so say we all.
– Adam J. Brunner

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